Friday, January 28, 2011

Government is banning sledding. Say it ain't snow so!

Have Law suits gone amuck?

The complete story is HERE.


tom said...

This is a perfect example of the mentality of most Americans.

Why work when you can file a frivolous law suit.

The parents of that girl were at fault. The state should have filed a counter suit against the parents for neglect and non-supervision.

Anonymous said...

It really is becoming a different America.

Revolution 2010 said...

I'm afraid I agree with Tom.

It seems the personal responsibility has been transferred by many from the individual to the state.

This is one of the Major problems in America today, The MINDSET of many Americans

BOSMAN said...

This is exactly where I was hoping the commenting on this post would go!

ConMan said...

The new American society's goal is to render personal responsibility out of existence.

Between that and ambulance chasers, we're in a downward spiral.

kelly said...

This is really to bad,

With a bad economy, this is one of the few activities that a family can do together that costs little or no money.

I can remember sliding down hills as a child on a flattened cardboard box.

Ann said...

I agree kelly,

This was a family ritual for us after a snow storm.

For those who live in larger cities, you need access to public lands for this activity.