Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dignity & Grace - Handling Bad News

Below is a fine example of how to handle less than good news with style, sophistication, maturity and class, as showcased on a prominent website for a potential 2012 Republican candidate.


‘Pollutico’ at it Again; UPDATED: Mittens Wins
January 22 2011 - | By: Doug Brady

Note to Politico: whether she comes in first place, last place, or any other place couldn't be more inconsequential. Straw polls are meaningless. Indeed I doubt most people outside of the Romney braintrust and, apparently, Politico, are aware of or even care about this weekend's shindig for New Hampshire pols. Why should they? It's just a guess, but I suspect Governor Palin has less trivial activities on which to spend her time and other resources.


Does it ever occur to these folks, the more you show how angry and irritated the media gets you, the more they'll continue their provoking?

One also has to wonder if they think it's good political policy to alienate yourself, by dissing nearly every GOP candidate around. You just might need their support down the road, no?

There's also the irrational trait of shooting kicking the messenger and shredding the message. This kind of behavior only leads to being ensnared in double standards and hypocrisy. Let's say a former Alaska Governor, wins the Ames Straw poll. Would the news outlets covering the event suddenly be reliable? Would the results be petulantly dubbed meaningless or would they urgently take on immediate and historical relevance?

Just asking.

ADVISORY: Due to the sensitive and inflammatory nature of the subject matter and the potential for explosive and highly emotional reactions, this post will be available only until someone has to be sent to bed without supper.


BOSMAN said...

Most Non-Romney fans are perturbed because it IS relevant?

How relevant?

More relevant than a straw poll in say Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and YES, even Massachusetts.

Why? Because it's the FIRST PRIMARY in the Nation. And THEIR candidates are behind by almost 25 points or more!

hamaca said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this--love the sarcasm. The crossing out of the word "shooting" was hysterical.

I guess it's just a phenomenon of politics that people greatly discount news that's perceived as less than positive for their candidate and vice-versa. Perhaps that's why successful politicians don't always hire yes people.

Pablo said...

I love C4Palin and am offended that you would discount their hard-hitting analysis of public policy and their witty defense of all things Sarah Palin. Doug, you must be a RINO

Closer To Home said...

Pretty relevant when you're talking about 500 party activists in NH.

Most interesting, since traction by those out of the top 2 tiers MUST show up initially with activists, is how poorly 3rd tier candidates fared. Pawlenty did pretty well, but doesn't look like NH is going to be a breakout primary for anyone else.

kelly said...

I wonder If c4P puts any relevance in non-straw polls. You know, The state and National one that Palin does so poorly in?

Ann said...

The only flaw I see Doug is that you seem to be assuming that everyone is capable of displaying Dignaty & Grace.

Anonymous said...

Dignity & Grace at C4P?

That'll be the day.


ConMan said...

The grass is never greener in the other fellow's yard.

C4P motto.

Bill589 said...

I agree with Pablo. Doug is a RINO.

The poll was of establishment people, and they picked the establishment candidate.
The voters, however, aren’t so keen on the establishment lately. We’ll see.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Bill - Thanks for the compliment.

Bill589 said...

Doug - The TPM Republicans are the real ones. The RINOs don’t live up to the meaning of the name. We’re giving it meaning again. Present RINOs will either start doing their jobs or be fired at the earliest possible primary.

Doug NYC GOP said...

So Bill, if I understand you correctly, if one is not a Tea Partier, then one is not a real Republican?

If one doesn't support Pali, then they are a RINO?

I think the 589 in your name refers to your birth month and year, correct?

That would make you 21, no?

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: "I'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience."

OhioJOE said...

"I think the 589 in your name refers to your birth month and year, correct?" Good greif, the other day, we were debating people's gender, now we are making an issue of people's ages. What is next?

Doug NYC GOP said...

OJ - Try to think about the points people are trying make rather than just what appears on the surface.

BTW, where was your "Good Grief" when the RINO label was tossed about? ;)

OhioJOE said...

"BTW, where was your "Good Grief" when the RINO label was tossed about? ;)" For the record, I do not believe that you are a RINO. However, even though, I personally do not write that particular words often at all, RINOs do exist.

I do not subscribe to this no-labels crap, but yes you can argue that under normal circumstances the RINO label would be inapproapriate talk. However, with respect, I believe that this particular article written by you was more humor than out right seriousness. Using phases such as " this post will be available only until someone has to be sent to bed without supper" and putting a picture of a crying child sugguests to me that this post is more cheeck than tongue. Yes you are capable of talking seriously, but this article was more humor (unless I am missing something. Thus, I think you can expect to get something dished back.

If Bill meant to be insulted and derogatory, then he was out of line. However, under the circumstances, I believe he matched you tongue for cheeck if you will.

On the one hand, you have a point that younger people do have a different view of life due to their experiences age being among that. However, unless somebody does nothing wrong, I do not think it is write to call out people's personal information (which includes age and gender.) It was not right when Kavon, Kris and others did it. And I do not think it is right in this case.

Doug NYC GOP said...

OJ - Yes the article was Humor, whic is why I labled it as such along the bottom.

I didn't take Bill's comment to heart as an insult. In fact, I have taken to using RINO as part of my Chat box name.

Regarding his age, I am against using people's personal info and wouldn't use it in a spiteful, intentional or negative way. I only referred to it, because I believe he mentioned it himself on another post/commnet. I then used the Reagan's words, to show how we all need a sense of humor at times. Also to point his frame of reference is different that someone like myself, who is old enough to be his older brother.

OhioJOE said...

Then I apoligize. I did not realize that he gave that information.

Revolution 2010 said...

C4P will never have the 'Dignity & Grace' of our Right Speak contributors.