Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dick Morris

Again, I apologize for two straight posts, but this is just too good to be real and I would like to hear some feedback. According to Dick Morris,
But if Republicans stray over the line of public opinion themselves by cutting Medicare or Social Security, they will lose. Americans oppose Medicare cuts. Check out HillaryCare in 1994, Gingrich’s budget cuts in 1996 and ObamaCare in 2010 to see how strongly they feel about it. And they oppose changes in Social Security — see the defeat of the Bush agenda of 2005 for reference.

These two fundamental changes must wait until after 2012. If we attempt them now, it will defeat our efforts to roll back Obama’s socialism.
So in order to defeat "Obama's socialism," Republicans should seek to maintain the nationalized portion of America's health care industry and all government entitlements to seniors citizens?

The irony is dripping.


Tracey said...

The irony is that many of the same people that criticize Obama Care and beat GMR over the head with Mass Care Mandates are the very same people that will not want you to touch their entitlement programs. The irony is dripping.

Ellie said...

I never really cared for Morris. He's a huckabee guy and went overtime in trying to deep six romney on the talking head shows during the last primary.

David said...

The Irony is Reality.

I believe many of these people believed they have EARNED these entitlements over their life time.

There are many who never worked or work very little who have entitlements as well. Perhaps this is where the cutting needs to start. No work, no entitlements.

I read that as of January 1, 10,000 Baby boomers are retiring EACH DAY for the next 19 years.

Do you really want to anger them before the 2012 elections?

No doubt something has to change, but the REALITY is if this is tackled before 2013, Obama will be a 2 term President.

illinoisguy said...

THe return on investment drawing Social Security is already very lousy. Much of this stems from the fact that they have given Social security dollars to pay for non-retirement benefits, and independent as to whether or not those people have paid into Social Security or not. So, naturally, people drawing, or about to draw Social Security does not think the benefits be cut because most of the reason the program is hurting is because of everybody elses' hands being in the till. There are other solutions to the problemt (such as my ideas on incorporating current illegals into our society). I think every other thing should be looked at that does not involved cutting benefits any more. We've already been robbed by all the hands in the till that had no right to be there.

Pablo said...

Just so everyone knows, I think Dick Morris is essentially right. We should not cut the benefits of the current recipients of Medicare and SS. And now is probably not a good time to proceed with cuts for those who will be receiving those benefits soon. But I find it hilarious that Dick Morris would accuse Obama of being a socialist and in the same sentence, say what he just said. He obviously doesn't know anything about socialism or simply just doesn't care if his statements conflict.

Anonymous said...

Morris is a buffoon. Although in this case, he is correct. Lets work on this issue during the NEXT Republican administration, once and for all.


illinoisguy said...

For the record, I also very much dislike Dick Morris.

Tracey said...

Politically speaking Morris is correct. However the American people need to get a clue, from conservatives to liberals. We have to deal with this social security nightmare.


phil said...

I agree with those that say, deal with it FOR SURE, in the next administration.

BOSMAN said...

I agree,

Morris is a buffoon and Republicans should stay away from this issue until after the 2012 election.

Revolution 2010 said...

Morris is Fox News official snake oil salesman.

He's only interested in selling his books and pushing his website.

Saying all that, he's correct in his assessment. That puts his average up to a .001