Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Public Policy Polling

Huckabee's the best bet for now

January 4, 2011 by Tom Jensen

Huckabee's the only one of the top Republicans who has the combination of electability and base appeal it's going to take to beat Barack Obama.... A lot will change over the course of 2011 but at least based on the information we have so far Huckabee looks like the GOP's best bet.


Why Mike Huckabee is worth watching

January 4, 2011 by Stewart J. Lawerence

But the real secret to Huckabee's polling strength may lie in a surprising development: his growing popularity with women, including independents....Since launching his new talkshow in 2008, he's gone out of his way to woo female voters through a series of high-profile interviews with former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, actor Whoopi Goldberg, columnist Arianna Huffington and, most famously, Michelle Obama. And in contrast to other conservative talkshow hosts, who usually do their best to embarrass their liberal guests, Huckabee has sought common ground with his interviewees.....If nothing else, Huckabee's ability to bridge bedrock conservatives to a much broader constituency, including more moderate evangelicals, could make him an irresistibly appealing GOP vice-presidential candidate.

Caffeinated Thoughts
January 4, 2011 by David Shedlock

If Malkin wants governors to mind their own business when it comes to school lunches, she needs to add former Governor Sarah Palin, and Texas Governor Rick Perry to her list of nannies....Governor Huckabee on the other hand, resisted federal mandates(!) with his ARKids First alternate plan called “Arkid B”. Surely how politicians actually governed is more important than statements about President Obama’s wife, Michelle.

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TexasConservative said...

Sorry about the font mix up. I am having a hard time moving my work from microsoft word over to blogger-the fonts get mixed up, the line spacing gets mixed up. And when I try and correct it, nothing works.

Anyone know of a good off-line program to do my write up's on?

Thanks, TC

Anonymous said...

Mike Huckabee?...Ummm No Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, he is the slight front-runner right now. However, sucking up to Mrs. Obama will eventually back-fire. The government needs to get out the the lunch business. This makes the country a laughing stock.


BOSMAN said...


Here is the reasoning off PPP's article, PASTED from their site:

Romney has actually done a little better than Huckabee in these early swing state polls, trailing Obama by an average of just 1 point. In addition Romney has shown the most appeal to independents so far of the top Republicans. There's a large difference in how much enthusiasm there is for Huckabee and Romney with the GOP base though. 73% of conservative Republicans have a favorable opinion of Huckabee, putting him just behind Palin's 77%, and well ahead of Romney's 58%. For all the hand wringing of the last two years you better believe Democrats are going to be excited about going out to reelect Barack Obama in 2012. Republicans need to be able to match that and they're going to need a candidate they're enthusiastic about to make that happen- for now Huckabee fits the bill on that front and Romney doesn't.

I'd like to know where the Huckabee ENTHUSIASM is hiding. Surely not HERE on Right Speak, ROS, or race?

Anonymous said...

I don't feel any great enthusiasm for Mr. Huckabee. I'll support him if he wins the nomination. He could do okay as president, but he's not my first choice.

TexasConservative said...

The funny thing about Huckabee doing so well in all the polling, is that some of talk radio has dissed him, websites like hotair, c4palin, redstate, etc have dissed him, and yet he is still doing very well. Imagine his numbers if they were to actually promote Huckabee.

I can tell you that people that I have talked to, who are democrats, say that the one Republican that they could vote for is Huckabee. Not because he is a liberal, as some of the posters here would snark, but because he is likeable and they trust him.

I also think that Huckabee has done a great job talking about the fiscal/economic issues on the fox business network.

That is where the enthusiasm is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Let's just get the campaign moving, shall we? I'm so giddy for the primaries I can't wait!


Right Wingnut said...

If there's so much enthusiasm, where are they on the blogosphere? I only know of you, Craig aka Huckabee 12 (on C4P), Vote for Truth (or lies, depending what camp you're in), and a handful of others that escape me. I frequent quite a few sites, and I'm not seeing them.

And why can't he raise money?

Right Wingnut said...

And why is he stuck in the single digits on InTrade despite the good polling numbers? You can scoff all you want at inTrade, but the people who put their money where their mouth is, aren't impressed with his chances.

So many questions, so few answers...

Anonymous said...

Intrade gamblers are saying that Democrats will keep the White House in 2012. … 57.5% chance of that happening, compared to a 41.7% chance the Republicans will take back the White House.

At the same time they have Palin or Romney as most likely by far to be THE Republican who suffers an embarrassing loss to Obama in 2012. (57.5%/41.7%)

So we have a bunch of folks who are "betting" that Obama has almost a 60% chance of being reelected?

Give me a flippin' break as Sarah would say!

Gambling on the internet is a stupid waste of time and money. The "house" always wins.

TexasConservative said...

RW, Mitt Romney is down to 18.9 on intrade.

This far out, intrade is not really a true indicator of the outcome.

But it is interesting to watch.

Right Wingnut said...


I agree that it's not an indicator of the outcome, but it's surprising that he's yet to move the needle despite his strength in recent polling and all the buzz in the MSM about "Huckamania." He was in the low to mid double digits until that unfortuanate incident in Washington state.

Bill589 said...

The most motivated large group is the TPM. We’re working on our GOTV capabilities. Many say Huck’s not a fiscal conservative. Nobody seems to argue this. I don’t see him getting the TPM support. IMO, if one person can get the bulk of the TPM support, that would be huge. It won’t be Huck.

Anonymous said...

Looking more at the internals of last Tuesday’s new CNN Survey…

Support Likely/Support Unlikely


Among Republicans } 69/32 ..+37!
Among Independents } 66/30 ...+36!
Among Conservatives } 74/25 ...+49!
Among Tea Partiers } 72/26 ....+46!
Among Moderates } 61/35 ....+26!


Among Republicans } 63/35 ..+28
Among Independents } 54/44 ...+10
Among Conservatives } 62/37 ...+25
Among Tea Partiers } 66/33 ....+33
Among Moderates } 54/43 ....+11


Among Republicans } 60/40 ..+20
Among Independents } 38/62 ..-24!
Among Conservatives } 58/41 ..+17
Among Tea Partiers } 62/37 ....+25
Among Moderates } 29/72 ....-43!


Among Republicans } 57/40 ..+17
Among Independents } 51/46 ..+5
Among Conservatives } 62/36 ..+24
Among Tea Partiers } 61/37 ....+24
Among Moderates } 45/53 .....-8

- CNN/Opinion Research 2012 (12/28/10)

Right Wingnut said...

Huck is staring at a hefty mortgage payment. He's borrowing 2.25 mill. Over 30 years, that's at least $12,000 per month (P & I).

Perhaps that's why his numbers haven't moved on InTrade...

Right Wingnut said...

Oh, no....

Look who's here....

Anonymous said...

Watch Huck's INTRADE numbers the day after he wins IOWA.

Right Wingnut said...


The mortgage payment and the wife will keep him out. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I've been posting all day at C4P. Folks over there are comin' around.

Except that TotalCon lady. What a mouth on her!

RW, Can you get her banned for me? I know you're trying your best.

Don't they have moderators over there?

Anonymous said...

This site is pretty dead so I thought I'd help TC get the most comments.

My job is done. : )

Gotta go back to Race42012 and get them back to 700,000+ hits per month which is where we were before the switch to ROS. We should have never left. I had two years previously invested in Race... to get us to all those HITS!

We'll be up to a million by Iowa caucus night. Bet on it!

Stay tuned, folks :)

TexasConservative said...

Too Funny Anonymous-made me laugh out loud. Glad to see a fellow Huckabee supporter.

RW-that is the second time that you made the comment that "Huckabee is staring at a hefty mortgage payment. He's borrowing 2.25 mill. Over 30 years, that's at least $12,000 per month (P & I)."

Honestly, with all of the money that Huckabee has made over the last two years, he could have paid cash for that house. He is a very frugal guy, generous with his charitable donations, and has learned how to stretch a buck.

And as others have said, it will be the perfect place for campaign strategy sessions for the 2012 race.

Right Wingnut said...


I just read a bunch of your comments at C4P. it looks like you're about to get banned. I doubt I'd last for 5 minutes at Hucksarmy.com doing that. You're right TTC should be banned too. It's almost unanimous at this point, but my guess is that you'll be gone first.

Right Wingnut said...


Exactly how much money has Huck made over the last 2 years?

Anonymous said...


Doug NYC GOP said...

Uh-Oh - Huckaspamster has found RS - There goes the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Daily Huckabee News

Public Policy Polling
Huckabee's the best bet for now
January 4, 2011 by Tom Jensen

Why Mike Huckabee is worth watching
January 4, 2011 by Stewart J. Lawerence

Caffeinated Thoughts
Attention Michelle Malkin: Sarah Palin State Health Care Plans Resembled Those of Mike Huckabee
January 4, 2011 by David Shedlock


Great daily write-ups and compilation of other's by Texas Conservative promoting
10 1/2 year Governor Huckabee.

Keep the HuckaInfo train a comin'.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

LOL! Zekeeeeee, relax. :)

Huckabee/Kasich 2012

Anonymous said...

I'll likely just comment on Texas Conservative's posts here at "90% RomSpeak" since she makes the most sense and is not merely an echo chamber for Romney fans.

Any other posts worthy of further discussion here will have to make it over to Race with Kavon's (and the other current management at Race42012's) approval, where I comment 24/7 to keep Huck's true record and numbers out there vis-à-vis the opposition.

It is what it is, so y'all will have to deal with it till Huckabee defeats Obama. Period.

Btw, did Bozoman think of this site all by himself? I'm impressed. ; )

Anonymous said...

Doug had a great post today that made it over to Race.

Well done, New York City : )

BOSMAN said...


I noticed that Sarah is on your shit list lately. Have you and TEX had a falling out?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what bad language by the Bozoman.

The NEWEST numbers only for each of latest 23 states polled since 11/9/10

F L O R I D A .... Huckabee 23 Romney 21 Gingrich 18 Palin 13
West Virginia … Palin 25 *Huckabee 22 Gingrich 15 Romney 15
Pennsylvania ... Huckabee 23 Palin 16 Romney 16 Gingrich 15
NHampshire ... Romney 40 Huckabee 13 Gingrich/Palin 10
Washington ... Palin 19 Romney 18 *Huckabee 17 Gingrich 15
Wisconsin .... Palin 21 *Huckabee 18 Romney 17 Gingrich 13
Minnesota ... Pawlenty 24 Palin 17 Huck 15 Rom 13/Ging 11
Kentucky ... Huckabee 26 Palin 19 Gingrich 17 Romney 13
Michigan ... Huckabee 22 Romney 22 Palin 18 Gingrich 15
Montana ... Palin 23 *Huckabee 22 Gingrich 16 Romney 12
Missouri .. Huckabee 27 Palin 25 Gingrich 15 Romney 14
Virginia ... Huckabee 21 Gingrich 20 Palin 17 Romney 15
Alaska ... Huckabee 17 Gingrich 16 Romney 16 Palin 15
Illinois ... Huckabee 18 Gingrich 17 Palin 14 Romney 12
Maine ... Palin 23 Romney 18 Huckabee 16 Gingrich 15
Texas .. Palin 22 *Huckabee 20 Gingrich 15 Romney 15
Ohio ... Palin 21 *Huckabee 19 Gingrich 18 Romney 15
NC .... Gingrich 22 Palin 22 *Huckabee 18 Romney 18
MA ... Romney 47 Palin 12 Gingrich 11 Huckabee 10
NV .. Romney 34 Gingrich 21 Palin 16 Huckabee 11
CA .. Romney 25 Palin 18 Huckabee 15 Gingrich 15
CO . Romney 22 Gingrich 17 Palin 17 Huckabee 14
CT ..Romney 28 Huckabee 15 Gingrich 14 Palin 11



>Huck is in 1st place or within *MOE of 1st place in 15 of 23 states = 65%

>Palin 14 of 23 latest states polled = 61% either in 1st or within the MOE of 1st

>Romney 13 of 23 latest states polled = 57% either in 1st or within the MOE of 1st

>Gingrich 6 of 23 latest states polled = 26% either in 1st or within the MOE of 1st

The first two states to be polled in 2011 will be Nevada and Pennsylvania again per PPP

Anonymous said...

Look who the regional candidate is?

Hint: Initials are MR ;)