Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Better Way To Fight Sharia (Or Insert Your Favorite Boogeyman) Law

From Human Events:
COLUMBIA, S.C. – A legislative initiative aimed at preventing “a court or other enforcement authority” from enforcing foreign law in the Palmetto State was introduced today in both the S.C. House and Senate by Rep. Wendy Nanney (who drafted the bill) and Sen. Mike Fair respectively, who say the bill will preempt violations of a person’s constitutional rights resulting from the application of foreign law.

Legislators and other proponents of the bill say America has unique values of liberty which do not exist in foreign legal systems. Yet foreign laws are increasingly finding their way into U.S. court cases, particularly in the area of family law, involving divorce and child custody where, for instance, Islamic Shariah Law has been invoked in several U.S. states. 
I have worked briefly with Wendy Nanney, and I know that she is a conscientious politician. Her comments about Sharia law almost got her a Tancredo Award, but nevertheless, the actual bill is a much better one that what we saw in Oklahoma. By broadening the language of the bill to restrict any type of foreign law, conservatives appear more consistent in their beliefs.

They also refrain from singling out scary ethnic groups (although Nanney still got in a lick). There is no reason to pinpoint Sharia Law, because despite what Newt Gingrich thinks, there is no threat from secret Muslim conspirators who want to take over American courts. All together we can cite one criminal case where "Sharia Law" was invoked by a judge in New Jersey. His decision was later reversed and rightfully so. Yet, if Newt (and Nanney) is concerned about the use of arbitration in civil cases, then he ought to pick on the Jewish community, who daily are allowed to go before the beit din (rabbinic law court) to arbitrate "real estate deals, nasty divorces, and business disputes."

Of course, we all know that Newt and company aren't going to lead a crusade against the radical imposition of rabbinic law. There are no quality political points to be had in attacking God's people. Muslims, on the hand, are open season.

In the end, there are profound reasons why conservatives should guard against foreign law. But let's throw up a wall against all foreign law (see South Carolina bill), instead of smiling in the camera as we bash Islam (see Oklahoma law).

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Anonymous said...

"There is no reason to pinpoint Sharia Law, because despite what Newt Gingrich thinks, there is no threat from secret Muslim conspirators who want to take over American courts."

Pablo, you don't think Islam commands its adherents to subject all governments under Allah, and you don't think they use violence, coercion, or legislative tactics to make that happen?


BOSMAN said...

Radical Jews weren't flying planes into our sky scrapers!

Pablo said...

I am not a Muslim, but I don't think that there is a chance in hades that radical Muslims will succeed in taking over the United States judicial system. And again, I am in favor of legislation that bans ALL foreign law from being used in our courts. I am not in favor of legislation that is designed to get out the anti-Islam vote.

ConMan said...

Bosman makes an excellent point. It's important to know who your friends are.

hamaca said...

It's clear to me that radical Islam intends to spread wherever it is permitted.

However, there's no need to alienate moderates for the sins of the radicals. Better to ban all foreign law than single out just one version.

Bill589 said...

Foreign laws should remain foreign laws. It even sounds funny to me that we have to talk about banning them. We have more than enough laws already.

Pablo, thank you for the always interesting and informative postings. You’re teaching me a lot lately.

Wabano said...

What a crock of bullshit!

We have given muslims himalayas of money and they have used it to subvert ALL the judicial systems of Europe and Canada. Muslims are legally untouchable there just like the millionnaires are already untouchable here(remember OJ?)

They are hard at work buying off all our judges...which is easy as most are corrupt democrats to begin with!