Monday, January 3, 2011

Barack Obama's part-time job

On December 26, White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett said this on Meet The Press:
President Obama's "biggest regret" is that the severity of the economic crisis forced him to "spend almost every waking hour in Washington focusing very hard on solving that crisis" and thus kept him from traveling the country to connect with the American people. According to Jarrett, Obama recently told aides, "I really want to figure out a way where I can spend more time outside of Washington listening and learning and engaging the American people." Jarrett says that in 2011 the president's schedule will "reflect that priority" -- that is, include more time outside the nation's capital.
Here she is slinging the bull on video. Fast forward to the 4:50 minute mark:

Obama has already spent nearly half his presidency outside Washington. As of January 2, Obama has been president for 712 days. According to figures compiled by CBS News reporter Mark Knoller, who serves as a sort of unofficial White House record-keeper, Obama has spent 339 of those days -- nearly 48 percent -- outside Washington.
To read the Washington Examiner's full story, go HERE.

One might think that President Obama has one of the most prestigious PART TIME jobs in the world. However, most of us know better. The Presidency is one of those jobs that is, what the President at any particular time makes of it. It's obvious that some Presidents take it more serious than others.


David said...

After January of 2013, President Obama will be able to devote 100% of his time to leisure.

Anonymous said...

President Obama wants to spend more time connecting with the American people - translation - Obama's reelection campaign begins in 2011 as he attempts to shill for votes from the American people.

Revolution 2010 said...

The sad part about this whole Obama fiasco is that he probably can't understand why his non-DC time is an issue.

Perhaps he figures that most of his supporters frown upon the concept of work. So he's meeting their expectations.

David said...

If it's a part time job, Sarah Palin is the MOST QUALIFIED.

Revolution 2010 said...


"If it's a part time job, Sarah Palin is the MOST QUALIFIED."

The comment of the day!

Michael said...

Very funny David!