Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arizona readies to pass 2012 eligibility law

A plan in Arizona to require presidential candidates to prove their eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is approaching critical mass, even though it has just been introduced.

The proposal from state Rep. Judy Burges, who carried a similar plan that fell short last year only because of political maneuvering, was introduced yesterday with 16 members of the state Senate as co-sponsors.

It needs only 16 votes in the Senate to pass.
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Anonymous said...

Friend says Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie told him there is no Obama birth certificate Listen to the audio clip at the bottom of the page.

Right Wingnut said...

I've always tried to stay away from birther issues. Having said that, something seems fishy about the whole thing. I've always thought that, but absent credible evidence, didn't think it was worth pursuing. However, the new developments raise some interesting questions.

Granny T said...

The article said: The proposal, which also is being taken up in a number of other states, is highly specific and directly addresses the questions that have been raised by Barack Obama's occupancy of the White House.

[big clip]

WND also has reported that similar efforts are under way in Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas:

If "a number of other states" pass laws requiring proof; will Obama put up the proof, decide those states aren't important, or announce he doesn't want to run for a second term. This could get interesting.

Granny T said...

IMO laws requiring proof should have been on the books many years ago.

OhioJOE said...

In the end, I think that most likely Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. On the other hand, nobody has ever provided real proof of that.

Right Wingnut said...

GrannyT, If he decides PA and AZ aren't important, he can't win. He'll either show proof, or not run. I suspect many in the Democrat party are watching this with interest a well. Hillary in 2012? I hope not.

Granny T said...

Right Wingnut,
But, if he decides not to run again; the Democrats won't be quite as likely to mess with our primary election - because they'd have to concentrate on their own. :)

I'm sure Hillary and VP Biden will be keeping their eyes on the developments. Chances are Hillary already knows whether or not their is any truth to the ineligibility rumors. It wouldn't take much time for her to get her campaign up and running. Who else could we expect to jump in?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Can you say backfire?


Rob said...

No kidding. While this law should have probably been on the books anyway, passing it now could have bad repercussions for Republicans unless actual and persuasive evidence exists that Obama wasn't born in the US. It's one thing when Orly Taitz is filing her frivolous lawsuits, but when a Republican state does this, it makes Republicans look like kooks.

Anonymous said...

More than likely this is PAYBACK for Obama's hostility towards their immigration law.


phil said...

I'm not a birther, But I always felt Obama created much of this controversy himself by laughing it off.

With his parents backgrounds and his living abroad as a child, he should have addressed this head-on and he didn't.

GetReal said...

I'm nowhere near a birther but I did feel it was less than presidential of him to bait these people by hemming and hawing and playing loose with presenting the documents. I get why he did it, politically, because it made them look crazy. However, ending the distraction would have been a display of real leadership, and he didn't go that route.

ConMan said...

There are a lot of reasons in our lives when we are asked to produce a birth certificate to authorities.

Why should a Presidential candidate be treated any differently. If you want to run, present it.

kelly said...

I can't wait for Obama to be voted out of office.

I also think this birth certificate issue is silly.

Anonymous said...

So, in additon to the history lesson that we need to enlighten us that Hawaii is a state, and was when our current president was born, I wonder... would many know that those born in the Canal Zone when McCain was born there, are also citizens?

Things that make stupid folks go '

Revolution 2010 said...

"would many know that those born in the Canal Zone when McCain was born there, are also citizens?"

Trying to be snarky, you put your FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH!

McCain was a citizen BECAUSE he was born on the military base where his father served.