Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WSJ/NBC Poll: Mitt Romney does best against Obama

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released today covered a lot of different topics. One interesting note was that they decided to do a head-to-head with President Obama against Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Senator John Thune. Here is the match-up results. John Thune actually does better than Sarah Palin. Both are far behind Mitt Romney in their match-ups:

Methodology The poll results contained in this book are from a survey conducted by the polling organizations of Peter D. Hart and Bill McInturff for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal from December 9-13, 2010. The survey was conducted by telephone among a cross section of 1,000 adults (including a sample of 200 interviews among adults who only use a cell phone).

The national sample for this poll was drawn in the following manner: Individuals were selected proportionate to the nation's population in accordance with a probability sample design that gives all landline telephone numbers (both listed and unlisted) an equal chance to be included. Registered voters, age 18 years old or over were selected by a systematic procedure to provide a balance of respondents by sex. The cell phone sample was drawn from a list of cell phone users nationally, and respondents were screened to ensure that their cell phone is their only phone.

The data's margin of error is ±3.1 percentage points for 1,000 adults at the 95% confidence. Sample tolerances for subgroups are larger. Minimal weights have been applied to educational, attainment, sex and age
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phil said...

The BIG NEWS here is the Thune beats Palin!

Doug NYC GOP said...

During all the fall election season, with all the time spent ripping Mitt on ObamaCare and his role in HC, his Very Negative number has dropped 10 Points and his combined positives are up 8 pts.

All this while working under the radar.

He still has a lot of potential with 30% neutral.

Bill589 said...

Note this poll was taken before Palin was announced, “Person of the Year.”
Can’t refudiate that. (Refudiate - best new word of the year. SP)

On second thought, maybe this doesn’t mean anything as far as polls go. But I had to type it somewhere, and there are no new Palin posts.

Bill589 said...

‘Under the radar’

Do you see how Mitt wrote a good op/ed and Matthews attacks him with lies? (I believe this is a good sign for Mitt. I believe the LSM attack perceived ‘threats’ the most.)
Btw, I believe Mitt may be brilliant economically.

If he becomes the main threat to the Left, their media will twist everything he’s ever done or said, they’ll make stuff up, and proclaim every other form of lie about him. (Some of us would call this the ‘Palin treatment’.) After his book tour, he has been usually working under the radar, so I don’t know yet how he’ll hold up. I’m not saying I believe he can’t, or I believe he can, just ‘I don’t know.’ I do know, that I never want the liars to win. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Bill, we know this. Before it was the Palin treatment, it was the Romney treatment. They interrogated his landscaper, they dug up stuff on his grandfather...

BOSMAN said...

Kind of strange that they polled Thune and only palin and Romney. Saying that, I'm happy with the results. Not that Obama won, but that Romney still beats Palin and Thune.