Friday, December 10, 2010

Visual Depiction of PPP polls 27 states

After a few weeks of Mitt Romney tanking, this chart depicts how the top GOP candidates have done after 27 states. This does not include Michigan or Minnesota. This should be pretty self explanatory.


BOSMAN said...

What a great idea IG!

Palin and the 18-29 year old group is amazing. Unfortunately, if I had to guess, these folks cast the FEWEST VOTES.

Any ideas on that one?

Romney does best with Baby boomers who (I'm guessing also) give the MOST amount of votes as a group.

illinoisguy said...

True, but if they are polling correctly, don't you think that would be accounted for in the percentages they are selected from each group?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that with all the figures averaged in, Romney is still tops.

Which leads me to believe, that most Americans are getting tired of seeing Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich on tv 24/7.


Anonymous said...


Any idea where Romney's numbers stack up against the others in the first states in the 2012 primary?



illinoisguy said...

Using only PPP polls, Wyoming has not been polled. If you take the average of the other 5 states that you listed, you would have;

Romney- 27.8
Huckabee- 17.6
Palin - 16.6
Gingrich- 15.4

Anonymous said...


Thanks IG


Ann said...

Hello IG,

Hope you are feeling better.

I'm glad that Romney continues to hold the lead, when everything is taken into consideration.

illinoisguy said...

Romney is also the only one beating Obama in the new McClatchey poll. Huckabee gets beat by 4%, and Palin by 12%.

phil said...

Thank you IG for taking the time to analyze all this data.

I thought Romney was still leading. It's nice to see that my hunch was correct.

kelly said...

Keep up the good work IG. Especially when Romney is in the lead (c;)