Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Townhall: Palin Tops List of Conservative Standouts of 2010

John Hawkins, from Townhall has put together a list of conservatives who had the biggest impact throughout 2010. He ranked the top ten, and included ten more in an "honorable mention" category. The top five are listed below.
...there are 10 conservative stand-outs, some of them big names, some of them not as well known, who made a particularly big impact this year. This column is just a way, on behalf of millions of conservatives out there, to say, "We noticed what you did and just want to let you know we appreciate it."

5) Pamela Geller: Pamela runs the pre- eminent anti-radical Islam website on the Internet Atlas Shrugs, she's in charge of Stop Islamization of America and she had a new book out, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America.

However, Pamela makes this list because she, more than any other person, was on point in the fight against the mosque at Ground Zero. Right from the beginning she was organizing protests and drawing attention to the project. Meanwhile, she was falsely slurred and attacked by the Left, the mainstream media, and apologists for radical Islam. That was simply because she refused to stand by and say nothing while a celebratory mosque was built in the shadow of the Twin Towers. If the Ground Zero Victory Mosque isn't ultimately built, no one will deserve more of the credit than Pamela Geller.

4) Jan Brewer: When Jan Brewer became public enemy #1 for the pro-open borders and amnesty crowd, she could have backed off. She could have said, "To hell with doing what's right for the people of Arizona; I just want these people to stop falsely accusing me of being a racist." Instead, Jan Brewer had the courage to stand strong and a willingness to come right back at the professional race hustlers, grievance mongers, and America haters who were attacking the state of Arizona for doing nothing more than enforcing the laws the federal government wouldn’t enforce. That kind of conservative boldness in the face of a tidal wave of dishonest criticism deserves to be recognized.

3) Jim DeMint: DeMint has been leading conservatives in the Senate for years and he's caught hell for it from the establishment Republicans. This time around, DeMint decided to get more involved in the elections so he'd have more help in the Senate. Every pick didn't work out for him, but he did manage to help elect grassroots conservatives like Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee. Not everybody in the Senate likes Jim DeMint, but no politician in D.C. does more to look out for conservative interests.

2) Chris Christie: You probably couldn't come up with a much more unlikely conservative rock star than Chris Christie. Keep in mind that when Christie ran in 2009, it was Steve Lonegan who was the favorite of grassroots conservatives in the primary. That's not surprising, given that Christie isn't a social conservative. So, how did a non-social conservative who's governor of New Jersey of all places, end up not just making the list, but as the bloggers’ choice for conservative of the year?

Simple: Chris Christie is a bold and pugnacious fiscal conservative who has absolutely no qualms about taking on Democrats, the unions, the media, and anybody else who tries to separate the taxpayers of New Jersey from their hard earned money. At a time when most of America's politicians would watch America sink into bankruptcy rather than gather up the political courage to take tough stands, Chris Christie has proven that one man with courage can make a real difference.

1) Sarah Palin: It might be easier to ask: What has Sarah Palin not done this year? She was one of the most effective voices in the fight against Obamacare, she became a popular Fox News contributor, she just released a new book, she has her own TV show Sarah Palin's Alaska, and she was a force of nature in the 2010 elections where she raised millions, swung primaries with her endorsements, and did more to get women candidates elected this cycle than anyone else in history. Say what you want about Sarah Palin, but nobody in American politics had a bigger and better year than she did in 2010.
Go HERE to see the rest of the list. I suspect I'm about to get bombarded by a bunch of statistics regarding Romney's endorsements and campaign contributions. I would imagine that Hawkins gave more weight to quality as opposed to quantity in his rankings.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Congratulations to Gov. Palin and all the Conservatives on John Hawkins list.

Who Mr. Hawkins is, and why we should care, I really don't know, but it's a nice list none the less. Sarah did have a very good year, although the hyper-recap of her electoral acomplishments is a little ripe, it's fairly accurate.

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Revolution 2010 said...

I suppose if I new who John Hawkings was and cared about his opinion, I might be a little interested.

Right Wingnut said...

Guys, At least I get my talking points from the right...you know...the ones who vote in GOP primaries? You'll never see me post an anti-Mitt article from the Huffington Post, Media Matters, or the assortment of left wing blogs I see quoted from around here.

Anonymous said...

"Guys, At least I get my talking points from the right." Bingo!!!


Bill589 said...

Right Wingnut -
I hate when Rinos post from Huffington, Salon, or other socialist sites too. That’s what I didn’t like about Rinoshpere. Here, hopefully they don’t do that so much. What somebody on the Right, which suppose to mean Conservative, would be doing at those sites I don’t know.

Bill589 said...

This is a list of Conservatives stand-outs.
That’s why Palin won.

If they do a list of Moderate stand-outs, the other first tier GOP hopefuls might place.

Anonymous said...

"That’s what I didn’t like about Rinoshpere." Absolutely. Not that I am in the business of complimenting my opponents, but while Doug BOSMAN are out of touch with Convervative talking point, at least they are good enough not no actively promote Liberal talking points (with the exception of mandates.) Some of those characters are at the other site are so nutty that they actually promote liberal talking points while Conservative talking points are banned. It is enough to turn one sour on the whole party.


BOSMAN said...

John Hawkins, isn't he an English movie actor?

No wait, that's Jack Hawkins.

Anonymous said...

I know on C4P they only cite liberal opinions if they are anti-Romney, like the Boston Globe.

Tracey said...

Doug NYC GOP is a amatuer blogger who contributes to Right Speak, RightOSphere and Mitt Romney Central. You can hear more from Doug at Rogers Pub in Rockaway Park, providing Mrs. Doug sign off on his release papers.

Very Funny!

You need to add an emoticon option. I need some smiley faces.