Monday, December 13, 2010

PPP Polls: Romney does best with Independents among GOP 2012 hopefuls

Today PPP published an article that looks at the INDEPENDENT VOTE in relation to Barack Obama and potential Republican opponents in 2012 in 7 states.
Romney leads Barack Obama by an average of 4 points across those states. Huckabee trails by an average of 4 points. Gingrich trails by an average of 11 points. And Sarah Palin is down by an average of 16 points. The differences in how independents respond to the Republicans are much greater than the differences in the numbers they get from Democrats or Republicans.
In relation to Obama, these are the results for Independents:
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phil said...

More good news for Romney. Not so much for the others.

Anonymous said...

This is no surprise.

Mitt all the way to 2012!


BOSMAN said...

Thanks Rev!

I love polls that show MY personal favorite doing so well.

kelly said...

Keep the GOOD NEWS coming R2010!