Friday, December 24, 2010

Nevada 2012 Caucuses moved to February 18

Last week the Nevada Republican Party settled on the date of February 18 for their 2012 Presidential Caucuses.

A Politico article points out, that this may trigger a domino effect.
Last week's decision by Nevada Republicans to set a Feb. 18 date for their 2012 presidential caucuses may set off a domino effect that would push the primary season into January.
New Hampshire state law mandates that their primary must be at least 1 week before the next contest that would move it down to February 7. And because Iowa generally goes eight days before New Hampshire, a Feb. 7 New Hampshire primary could force Iowa to hold its caucuses on Jan. 30.

The Republican Party had been trying to set a calendar that would begin the primary season in February and limit the early states to Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

I don't know if this change matters much or will have any effect on the eventual outcome. I'm just happy that Nevada is still right after New Hampshire. If you know what I mean?

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Anonymous said...

This is #2 of Romney's 1..2 Punch come 2012!