Friday, December 31, 2010

Could "Little Mosque On the Prairie" be coming to a TV near you?

CBS News anchor Katie Couric recently called for a Muslim version of the "Cosby Show" on American TV to combat what she feels is a 'seething hatred' against Muslims in America.

Little did she know that in Canada, there has been a popular sit-com on for the past 5 seasons that looks like it might be right up her alley.

Here is a taste of the show. Part of the 1st episode:

To visit the series website, click HERE.

I know what they are trying to achieve with this show is that Muslims are regular folks like the rest of us. That maybe so. Of course if they wanted to prove that to me, they could skip the show and instead their leaders could publicly condemn terrorist acts by Muslim groups instead of becoming mute and going into hiding when an act is committed.

Unfortunately, a possible by product of this show on American TV might be is to start making people comfortable enough to let their guard down and forget about little things like, the war on terror, Sharia Law, and the fact that 90%+ of terrorists acts against America are committed by Muslims.

Saying all that, if they put the show on a trial bases opposite "Palin's Alaska" and any of it's re-runs, I might take a look.


BOSMAN said...

Great post Rev.

The problem with this show is that it puts REALITY on the back burner.

phil said...

This show is fantasy.

It portraits the average Muslim family the way the media would like us to believe it is.

Until Muslims begin to loudly condemn terrorist acts like THE REST OF US, they will never be accepted as mainstream.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a funny show.

However, comedy doesn't always represent real life.

the folks represented in that show are not the terrorists and suicide bombers for sure.

When they stand up next to me and PUBLICLY condemn radical Islam and Muslim terrorist acts, I will be more than happy to accept them for who they are. Until THAT HAPPENS, I'm not!


Anonymous said...

Maybe part of the problem is that we look at Islam as being monolithic, but it is no more so than is Christianity. I, for example, feel no OBLIGATION to condemn priests' abuse of boys because, though Christian, I am not Catholic. I DO deplore such abuse, but don't feel that I must make my disgust public. It may be that Muslims who are not jihadists do not feel that those who are ARE co-religionists, so they don't feel an obligation to "loudly" condemn terrorist acts. Most people don't "loudly" condemn terror, because they think it is a given that such acts are despicable and any reasonable person is against them. Do you understand what I mean?

Now, I don't know how to post this, so will try "anonymous" but my name is Virginia.

Pablo said...


Nice comment.

First, let me say that I think that there is a legitimate debate to be had about the heart and soul of Islam. There are Muslims that are grappling with modernity and this confrontation is taking place most evidently in Europe. I try to track this issue on my own blog. There is also a blog called Islam in Europe that does a great job.

Having said that, Rev, I must correct you on a couple of things. You say that 90 percent of the terrorists acts against the United States are committed by Muslims. Wrong. Don't make me pull out my post from ROS, where I documented the terrorist attacks committed by white, "Christian", males.

Secondly, the issue of condemning terrorism is complicated. Most Muslims in the Middle East view the Israelis as terrorists. For example, Hezbollah is a group that started during the early 80s as a reaction to the Israeli war in Lebanon. Hezbollah does not attack civilians, only soldiers. They are also a large charity organization, that has done much to help the poor in Lebanon.

Are they a terrorist organization? I think so. But don't expect Muslims to say so.

Pablo said...

The bottom line is that I welcome Muslim Americans into the conservative movement. Many of them have social values that I share -- abortion and gay marriage. They are a growing demographic in the United States. I firmly believe that conservative principles -- smaller government and a robust defense -- are applicable to all walks of life, including Muslims. We need to speak the truth about threats to the United States, but we also need to be careful how we characterize people. Most Muslims are not terrorists.

Pablo said...
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Pablo said...

One last comment. I am a big believer in the idea that our tolerance and religious diversity is the main reason why the United States has not had trouble integrating Muslims into society like Europe has. Europe's militant securalism has had a radicalizing effect on many disenchanted Muslims. In contrast, Muslims are allowed to pursue their religious beliefs without consequences in the United States. Religious freedom is what makes America so great.

Revolution 2010 said...

Will it play on the cartoon or SciFi network?

Anonymous said...


Either channel would do.

I don't believe there is one dedicated to fiction/fantasy only.

Wait, MSNBC.


kelly said...

We don't need Muslim sit-coms, we need Muslims to step up to the plate when it comes to condemning radical Islamic elements.

Ann said...


I agree.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, do you believe that genuine Islam can "modernize" or move past the bloody example of its founder? Islam historically is in line with everything terrorist organizations stand for. Bringing all secular governments under Muslim control, because Allah commanded it. Mohammad lived this way after Medinah. The Quran says to follow his example, and follow him they did, every caliph after him. It's an intrinsically discriminatory and compulsory religion. All of this is indisputable fact, not up for question, and I don't know why Couric and others in the media pretend history never happened and continue to ignore these attacks and religious persecution by Muslims continue to occur around the world, as recently as NY Eve. How can a faithful Muslim swear allegiance to the American flag if Allah in the Koran commands him to work to replace that with Islam totalitarianism? I don't think I'm being fanatical, crazy, or unreasonable here, even Bill Maher agrees with me that there's a serious problem within Islam...If Islam is to "modernize" it must cease being Islam, must replace Mohammad with another leader and become something else entirely.

Anonymous said...

12:35 was Zaloom.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that as conservatives we should be open to Muslims, I agree with everything you said in principle. I guess what I have a hard time with is seeing how you can be a consistent Muslim and Conservative. I think about this all the time. And when I lived in Cairo for 4 months during 9/11 and traveled throughout the middle east to the land of my ancestors in Syria, I met the most hospitable and kind people there many of whom were Muslims. So I love them, but I'm so suspicious of the religion itself. And I think I echo a lot of people's thoughts, but our culture is becoming so hostile to those who are informed about what the Koran teaches like Romney and Gingrich and Maher and believe our way of life and our values are in danger. I don't have the answer as far as how to encourage integration into American values of divided govt, personal and religious freedom of speech, etc. I just don't know.

Sorry to rant for so long...