Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Romney Endorsements Wins and Losses

Hi All,
I enjoyed a quick look at Christy's blog about Sarah Palin's " track record " on endorsements after last night's elections over at RightoSphere. The media were raving about Palin and her increased political presence, notwithstanding Angle, Miller, O'Donnell, etc. The influence of endorsements and the advantage of one candidate over another is often overblown. But endorsements and " DONATIONS" and physical " CAMPAIGNING " that result in victory cannot be overstated. Following are Romney's numbers from last night compared to Sarah Palin. The results speak for themselves


Endorsements Wins Losses Not Known %

Senate 11 6 5 55

Governors 8 7 0 1

House 57 35 15 7

Total 76 48 63 %


Senate 25 18 7 72 %

Governors 30 22 8 71 %

House 204 159 45 78 %

Total 259 199 77 %

Personally, good candidates will win regardless of endorsements. But Romney not only endorsed.....but invested and that is the big 2012 payoff for a winning 2010 wager.


kelly said...

Thank you Craig for taking the time to post this.

I had a hunch that Romney endorsed so many more than the others but I wasn't sure.

His numbers are very impressive.

phil said...


Why isn't the media talking up these numbers? Do you think they have a horse in the race? One that they know will lose.

As for Fox News, we know they're in the bag. They actually think, she can win.

Revolution 2010 said...

Welcome craig. I'm looking forward to your posts on Right Speak. I used to follow you over at ROS, before I disappeared.

I'm glad Romney supporters have the figures now that we can point to when comparing Romney vs Palin picks.


Don't expect to see this news on an y media outlet. and your right.

LSM wants Palin because they know she'll lose. Fox wants Palin because of ratings and they can play Queen maker.

Right Wingnut said...

I'm not aware that Christie was trying to turn it into a competition. I took it as purely informational to supplement a few earlier posts on the topic. She pasted it from C4P.

Anyhow, Mitt and Sarah used two different strategies when choosing candidates to endorse. Palin bet on many long shots, both in the primary and general. With a few exceptions, Mitt played it safe.

Regardless, both should be commended for their hard work.

Right Wingnut said...

There's a story on fox now about GOP insiders bitching about DeMint now for his endorsements.

Palin, DeMint and a few others are attempting to reshape the Republican party. You don't accomplish that by worrying about win-loss percentages. DeMint just made that point.

Anonymous said...

Right Wingnut,

"Palin bet on many long shots, both in the primary and general. With a few exceptions, Mitt played it safe."


your kidding, right?

Romney endorsed Branstad when he was in 3rd place. Romney endorsed Haley when she was in 3rd place. He endorsed Toomey back in 09. Shall I go on? Palin endorsed these 3, LONG AFTER they were up in the polls. Branstad and Toomey, AFTER they won the nomination.


Right Wingnut said...

Branstad was leading at he time. He endorsed a few weeks before Palin. Haley was still in 3rd place when Palin endorsed, I'm not sure about Toomey. Nice cherry-picking. Did you notice that I said "with a few exceptions" when suggesting that Romney played it safe?

Noelle said...

Romney, working quietly and under the radar, did so much more to help the Republicans than any other single person. And he got almost no credit. Speaks volumes about his character.

Mitt 2012

Martha said...

Craig, I was hoping to find this somewhere. Thank you!

David said...

Thanks Craig. I was also hoping to find this somewhere. You should email this info to FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, and all the others to show them what they should be talking about.

BOSMAN said...

Thanks for doing these numbers craig. I haven't seen them up on any other site yet. It's nice to be first. (c:)

Anonymous said...

Romney is truly a leader. He is the person we need at the head of this country. Not since the great depression have we faced this many economic problems. Our country needs a REAL leader, not someone that the press likes to talk about because he or she sells newspapers.

Analyze who we would hire to fix a company which has enormous economic problems like what the US faces today; the only candidate truly qualified is Romney. He took Mass. from having a $3billion deficet, balanced the budget and did not raise taxes! He took the winter olympics, that ran the risk of being canceled, and due to bad publicity could not get any corporate sponsors and turned it into the best attended winter olympics and turned a profit.

Anonymous said...

Are these numbers all percentage based? Or is it just the not known a percentage? Also you conveniently left some spaces between some of Palin's numbers but not Romney's...interesting.


Anonymous said...

My bad... I was reading it wrong...duh...I didn't realize you were including endorsements as one of the numbers...sorry.