Monday, November 1, 2010

Mitt Romney responds to Politico piece on Sarah Palin

HERE is the Politico article.

Here is Sarah Palin's response to the piece:


Anonymous said...

I believe that they like and respect one another. This Politico piece was BS to begin with and no one seems to be falling for it.


Anonymous said...

I believe Mitt genuinely likes Sarah. That being said, he is in a win-win situation. By coming to her aid and being complimentary of her he endears himself to her followers if she does not run (I don't think she will). She dilutes the field if she does run, taking support away from Huck and others. Win-win.


Doug NYC GOP said...

The Politico article was trash, but unfortunately, the easily led folks at C4P, believe Romney to behind it all. I left a few comments countering this, but seriously doubt any consideration will be given.

Anonymous said...

It's sad how C4P trashes Romney for everything that happens to Palin. He's usually the first to come to her rescue.


Anonymous said...

Romney is ALWAYS very careful of the words he uses when he speaks. He said of a potential candidacy of Palin, "She would be a great THING for the Republican PRIMARY PROCESS". He didn't say anything about her being the eventual nominee.

Romney wants her to run, because she will take votes from both Huckabee and/or Gingrich if they run. She could play the 2008 Mike Huckabee roll for Romney.


Martha said...

I agree with you, Zeke, he wants her to run.

Bill589 said...

Doug, I like Mitt even though some of his supporters have pissed me off occasionally. I don’t blame Mitt for some things some supporters do. I don’t think it’s right. Ditto with Sarah and her supporters.

Revolution 2010 said...


".........Romney wants her to run, because she will take votes from both Huckabee and/or Gingrich if they run. She could play the 2008 Mike Huckabee roll for Romney.'


100% correct. I also believe that there is no animosity between the two.

Bill589 said...

I can’t see Palin ever pairing up with Huck or Newt. They don’t mesh. I, and I believe Sarah, see Mitt as a nice, honest, talented guy.

If Mitt and Sarah end up being the ‘frontrunners’ for 2012, are their views so dissimilar that they could not team up? Mitt/Sarah or Sarah/Mitt? I’m more familiar with Sarah’s views.

A big for instance -
I can see Sarah defending/excusing Masscare, but I don’t see her ever embracing it. She is very much against Obamacare. She believes we can lower healthcare costs without growing government or mucking with the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

The big news is not what Mr. Romney said or did not say about Mrs. Palin. Rather, it is interesting that during his response, Mr. Romney raised (or at least spoke well of) the Tea Party. As we get closer and closer to to 2012, Republicans of all stripe are figuring out that they need to be on the right side (not at least not the wrong side) of Tea Party.


kelly said...


There views are very similar. As to Obamacare, Romney has pledged to fight for the repeal, defund, or take it through the courts as unconstitutional. I remember signing Romney's petition for repealing it on his PAC's site.

Sarah is in her mid 40's, this is Romney's last chance at 63 and the times calls for his expertise.

If he wins the nomination and choses her as VP, she would be in her mid 50's in 2020 and have 8 years ubder her belt as VP.

I hope they team up. We could have the Whites House for 16 years.

Bill589 said...

That’s good news to me about his views on Obamacare.

I want it repealed for a lot of good reasons, but my personal one is that I don’t like anybody shoving anything down my throat and then telling me I’m going to like it.

I’m sure we’ll speak more of Sarah and Mitt.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys worry so much about the folks at C4P? It's a site dedicated to the hardcore fans of Sarah Palin. Are they always but I'm not sure why they matter so much to you guys?


Aaron said...


I think it's level of the Anti-Romney rants vs Anti-Huckabee rants. Romney seems to get 3 times more even though he has done nothing but complement her. Huckabee, has a history of snide remarks against her. It seems unfair.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, I get what you're saying but, with all due respect, so what...ROS was unfair towards Palin and that site was dedicated to the advancement of all Republican candidates...sure it was unfair but what are you gonna do?


Bill589 said...

At ROS, I thought a regular commentator there was a troll because he would copy and paste from Left sites, hit pieces on Palin. (I couldn’t believe anyone could believe them after they’ve been caught lying so often.) I was banned quickly. Anyway, this site is what I think ROS maybe aimed to be.

Anonymous said...

Bill, are his initials AG? If so, then he banned me too...of course I ended up calling him a fascist because he kept deleting my posts and comments.