Thursday, November 18, 2010

Karl Rove: Don't Get Cocky, GOP!

Karl 'The Architect" Rove had an op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal titled, Don't Get Cocky, GOP.

In the article, Rove points out the difficulty in unseating a sitting President who decides to seek a second term. He points out that Since World War II, three have been defeated for re-election and two decided not to run again. But five had sought and won second terms.

He offers the following advise and predicts that whoever wins the GOP nomination in 2012, will be the candidate that does the better of the following 3 tasks:
  1. 1. Create a compelling narrative for why Mr. Obama deserves to be replaced, why voters should pick him or her as the replacement, and where he or she seeks to lead the country.
  2. Demonstrate the strength, values, decision-making capacity and leadership to take on the responsibilities of the world's most powerful and important job. Voters need to be able to visualize someone in the Oval Office before they will give them their support.  
  3. Finally, the candidate who ultimately wins the nomination is likely to be the one who shows the greatest ability to unite the party and draw others into the GOP fold.
I thought it might be interesting to have our readers comment on where you feel your favorite or least favorite candidate STACKS UP in his/her ability to best Rove's 3 suggestions. Giving examples in their pasts that could indicate the ability and skills of achieving these goals.


Ann said...

Mitt Romney:

1. Experience at Bain, Bain Capital, The Olmpics. Where he wants to take the country, read "No Apology".

2. Bain experience. Turn around artist for Dominoes Pizza, Staples, Olympics. left MA with large surplus after taking it over with a large deficit.

3. Who can attract the moderates/independents better than Romney and still carry the conservative vote.

Anonymous said...


You nailed it.


Anonymous said...

Romney didn't actually turn around Staples...he just evaluated the business proposal and granted the capital to get it up and running.

I know I am in the minority on this one but I just think the Olympic success is a dubious accomplishment...not that he didn't do a good job...I just believe most executives could have done just as well but probably wouldn't have had to get out of their cars to direct traffic.

But all in all, Romney's executive experience is great.


Bill589 said...

Sarah Palin

1. She explains why we should reject Obama daily. She hasn’t promoted herself yet because she’s isn’t running yet.

2. She demonstrates national leadership skills. (Others talk about why they’d be a good leader, she shows us.)

3. She’s winning supporters daily. Not compromising with socialism, but sticking to her principles. Bring the center to the Right, because it is right. Compromises are a lot of what got our country into the mess we’re in. No more socialism-lite.

Illinoisguy said...

It's almost as if he was thinking about Mitt's skill set, then coming up with what is needed to beat Obama. Either that, or he was thinking about what Palin did not possess. Rove's list reminds us all of how terrible Palin would do as our candidate.

C4PH said...

My least favorite candidate Sarah Palin:

1. Because I'm louder than Obama and My daughter dances better than his.

2. I quit my job when the going got tough. Do they have half terms if I run?

3. Oh yeh! I can unite all those between the right, and the far right.

C4PH (Conservatives for Paris Hilton)

Illinoisguy said...

To your #1, add 'and cusses more'!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Ann!