Thursday, November 4, 2010

Huck & Romney Lead 2012 GOP Over Obama - Palin, Gingrich Trailing

In one of the first glimpses at the upcoming Presidential race, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is the current favorite for the GOP 2012 presidential nomination, with Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a close second.

After seeing his policies and performance rebuked at the polls on Tuesday,
Both Republicans best President Obama in hypothetical 2012 match ups, in a new CNN poll released Thursday November 4th. The poll of more than 900 Registered Voters has a 3% Margin of Error. (Click link and scroll down page for full results).

While this poll is consistant similar polls released all summer and pre-mid term elections, it does show an increasing lead for the two former 2008 Presidantial aspirants over Obama. Previous polls showed either Republican and Obama within 2-3 points. Huckabee now enjoys an 8 point lead, with Romney leading Obama by 5, just in the MOE.

Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich both trail Obama in the match ups, with the President enjoying an 8 point lead over the forme Alaska Governor and a narrower 2 point margin against former Speaker Gingrich.

Huckabee and Romney also lead the GOP field among Republicans for their party's nomination, with Palin and Gingrich again trailing.

Republican GOP Nomination 2012

Huckabee         21%
Romney           20%
Palin                 14%
Gingrich           12%

Head to Head 2012

Huckabee / Obama     52 / 44
Romney / Obama        50 / 45

Obama / Palin              52 / 44
Obama / Gingrich        49 / 47

Favorable / Unfavorable/ Not Sure

Huckabee        42/ 26/ 32
Romney           36/ 29/ 35

Palin                 40/ 49/ 11
Gingrich           32/ 40/ 28


BOSMAN said...

What is impressive in Romney's numbers is that he is the non-TV personality of the bunch. Huckabee, Palin, and Gingrich are seen daily on Fox news. Which makes one wonder, How is Romney's information and name getting out there to the point that he's usually in or tied for first place in most polls.

I know we always asume Romney is under everyone's radar, I guess that doesn't include those being polled.

Anonymous said...

Great post Doug
Great point Bos.

I would imagine that the LSM and Fox are hoping Romney goes away for entirely different reasons.


kelly said...

It's beginning to look like Palin and Gingrich are losing ground.

Bill589 said...

Since a bit over a year ago, when I started following politics, Romney has been considered the frontrunner. Palin has been catching tons of flak, being out front in the media, leading the fight. She’s battle tested. We’ll see how the others stack up if they ever get attacked like her.

I still think the battle in 2012 will be between Palin and Obama - the mommy and the commie.

BOSMAN said...


If she unfortunately gets the nomination, it won't be much of a battle.

Revolution 2010 said...

Head-to-Head, even Gingrich does better than Palin against Obama. Must be all those delusional people being polled. NOT!