Saturday, November 27, 2010

Greg Jarrett of Fox News, doesn't seem to buy the Fox News Palin Hype

Greg Jarret of Fox's Studio B had this to say on Friday:

"I'm getting the hook, My producer is having a heart attack."~Greg Jarrett


Anonymous said...

If his next assignment is Siberia, we'll all know why.

Gregg baby, we can't have you alter our plan!


phil said...

I almost wonder if this was planned?

Maybe a curve ball of sorts to try and satisfy those non-Palin fans that somehow they're Fair and Balanced again.

If it was, It's NOT working.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's supporters need to stop trying to force on America what America does not want. America does not want Sarah Palin in the White House. Supporters of Palin are operating under the delusion that anyone can beat Obama but that is not true. Republicans need to be wise and nominate a strong candidate to run against Obama. Polls reflect that Palin is not that candidate.