Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fox News 2012'ers are getting a BIG BOOST!

How many can remember back in 2008, poor Mike Huckabee whining about Mitt Romney's wealth and how he was just poor folk trying to run a Presidential campaign on a shoe string budget?

Welcome to the world of FAT CATS Mike!

It seems that Media Matters put together some figures that puts a price tag on all the FREE PUBLICITY that their potential horses in the 2012 race have benifited from since coming to work at Fox.

It seems that Fox News candidates appeared on the network for nearly 66 hours.

The beak down is as follows, Former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, whose role as host pushed him to the top this list, appeared onscreen for more than 38 hours. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin -- the Republican vice-presidential nominee in 2008 -- and former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich both appeared for approximately nine hours of time on the network. Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) clocked in just about five hours, while John Bolton, who served as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under George W. Bush, appeared on Fox for more than four hours:
They further broke it down in dollars:

Fox News candidates' appearances were worth at least $40.23 million in advertising costs. Media Matters also estimated the equivalent cost advertisers would pay for the amount of air time Fox gave to each of its potential candidates. Advertisers would have spent about $22 million for screen time given to Huckabee, who is the only candidate to host his own, regular Fox News program. Gingrich's appearances would have been worth almost $6 million to advertisers, and Palin's would have cost them approximately $5 million. Santorum's advertising equivalency is about $4.19 million, while Bolton's would have cost just under $3 million.

I don't believe that media matters included re-runs. For Example, Mike Huckabee's taped hour show airs at it's regular time on Saturday, then again between 12:00 -5:00 AM, then again on Sunday night. I can't imagine what the figures would be if ALL THIS was included.

I guess the Fox horses are doing pretty well for Poor Folk!

The complete article can be read here.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Excellent post Rev!

You should cross post this at ROS. If you aren't registered there, I can post it under my name, giving you FULL and weel deserved credit, of course.

Let me know.

Really enjoyed this.

Revolution 2010 said...

Thanks Doug, I'd appreciate that.

Doug NYC GOP said...

You are all set up Rev.

Here is alink to the ROS set up: NYC&blogentry_id=11123

Right Wingnut said...

My first reaction to your post was, "who the hell cares?" But I have a few questions for you.

1. Media Matters? They make a living bashing Fox and conservatives. They're to the left of the Huffington Post.

2. If Mitt wins the nomination, will Media Matters cover the race fairly?

3. What do propose as a solution to your problem?

4. Are you already preparing your list of excuses to use if Mitt doesn't win the nomination?

BOSMAN said...


You make it sound like we Romney supporters are supposed to hold some kind of fondness for FOX. MOST DON'T!

Who the hell cares? I for one do. Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich, are NOW THE ELITE!