Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations America!

Congratulations America!

The American people have spoken. Create jobs, spend less, and cut taxes. We've taken the House and have come a little shy of the Senate. Looking at yesterday's results, What are your feelings on the following:

1. Your greatest pleasure?

2. Your greatest disappointment?

3. Biggest surprise.

4. What do you hope is first on the Agenda with the new majority?

5. Do the results help,hurt, or have no effect on Republican's chances in 2012?

6. What if? (Your chance to Monday morning quarterback.)


BOSMAN said...

I'll Start:

Disappointment: Massachusetts

Baker, Bielat, and Perry could not overtake the power of the Unions there. We came pretty damn close. But in politics, winning is everything.

Jeff Perry had to deal with Keating's slanderous claims that he neglected to do his duty as a supervising officer during an incident involving a teenager. Even with Perry's former chief stating in an ad, that Perry was a good cop and that the claims were bogus. This claim, I believe, stuck in the minds of just enough voters to cost him the election.

It wasn't through lack of effort that these men loss. All 3 men and their campaigns, busted their chops.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with CA. Also, that Harry Reid lost.

I think the Tea Party can be blamed for us not taking the Senate. Their WACKY candidates and their baggage, lost us the Senate.


phil said...


spot on, and include Palin:

Miller, Angle, O'Donnell, Fiorina.

Right Wingnut said...


3 of the four you mention were also endorsed by Romney. In fact, Romney endorsed Angle before Palin did. In addition, it's my understanding he contributed help with staffing her campaign.

One more thing...Mitt and Whitman were virtually joined at the hip prior to the CA primary. What does that say about Mitt? Perhaps nothing, but if Palin is to be blamed for losing candidates, Mitt will be too.

Right Wingnut said...

Disappointments: NV Senate, AK Senate, MN Gov (too close to call--automatic recount--fraud suspicions)

Greatest Pleasure: MN GOP now holds state house and senate for first time in nearly 40 years. This was beyond anyones wildest dreams.

Biggest surprise?: That anyone even considered Michele Bachmann to be in danger of losing.

New agenda: Repeal, repeal, repeal.

Help or hurt in '12: Help. Winning Gov. races in OH, NM, FL, and PA will be huge. Not winning the Senate may be a blessing in disguise. We still get to run against Harry Reid.

kelly said...

I agree that not winning the Senate was a blessing. The house needs to pass repeal of Obamacare, Bush tax cuts, etc.

Send them to the Senate and SMILE!

Revolution 2010 said...


O'Donnell, Miller!

Noelle said...

1. My greatest pleasure was Rand Paul's victory in my state of Kentucky
2. My biggest disappointment was actually the local mayoral race that went to an uber-liberal democrat. The republican was a really good candidate. On the national stage I'm very disappointed with the CA results (Whitman and Fiorina losses), and the victory of Barney Frank. What is wrong with those people?
3. My biggest surprise was the defeat of Angle at the hands of Harry Reid.
4. First on the agenda - economy.
5. I think the results will help the GOP in 2012.
6. In retrospect, I wish the TEA party had been more careful in getting nominees. Some were very good, and those won, and some were not so good, and those lost.

Right Wingnut said...

6. In retrospect, I wish the TEA party had been more careful in getting nominees. Some were very good, and those won, and some were not so good, and those lost

Wouldn't that clssification apply to non-Tea party candidates as well?...Some good, some bad...

Right Wingnut said...

For example, Whitman got beat almost as bad in California as O'Donnell did in Delaware. CNN exit polls show Coons would likely have beaten Castle as well.