Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chris Cillizza: Breaking down the 2012 GOP field

Chris Cillizza, from the Washington Post, breaks down the five Republicans with the best odds of winning the Republican nomination in the following short video. He highlights the biggest strength and the biggest weakness for each candidate. Palin's biggest weakness? Apparently, he doesn't think she's doing enough to build a campaign organization. Romney's?
"The health care bill he signed in Massachusetts, looks a lot like Obama's health care law."
There are some surprising omissions from his list of top contenders. Most notably...
"I guess we ran out of space on the board for Mike Huckabee."

Some have reported trouble viewing videos that I've posted in the past. This one worked just fine on my machine. If need be, you can view it HERE. Let me know if it works.


Bill589 said...

I think he’s right on, except maybe he’s got the first couple switched. Other than that, it looks right.

Greg said...

If anyone has been through the Presidential campaign wringer before, it's Palin not Romney. There is a huge difference between a primary campaign, and a national general election campaign. Palin knows exactly what to expect. Plus, she doesn't have RomneyCare hanging like a millstone around her neck. BTW, where the heck is Romney, vactioning in Albania or something. He's been AWOL on the QE2 question, while Palin's been dominating that issue. Thune's only plus is that he's handsome and charasmatic? Has everyone been polled and/or questioned about whether or not he's qualified to be president? Didn't think so.

Doug NYC GOP said...


I think it was good for Palin to stake out some new ground for herself. But what's with the hostility? That's something which simmers just below the surface of many a Palinite. Perhaps that is part of her appeal - she taps into people's anger.

Anyway, why just single out Romney for not commenting on QE2? Why not direct fire at all the potential 2012ers? Nobody else seems to have picked up this story, even the media.

And in turn, does Palin react to every issue Romney or anyone else speaks out on? Of course not.

Painista's love to slam RomneyCare but what's Palin's HC remedy? It will interesting to see what position and ideas her advisors come up for her, considering she has zero experince on this issue - among others.

Right Wingnut said...

But what's with the hostility? That's something which simmers just below the surface of many a Palinite--Doug


Have you read some of the anti-Palin comments from some of your fellow Rombots lately?

BOSMAN said...

Obviously, Chris C has great insight. I know this, because Romney is in first place and Huckabee is near THE BOTTOM.

kelly said...


Another Romney win!

Anonymous said...

His reasoning makes sense.