Friday, October 29, 2010

What if Palin's co-star was a monkey?

For those who think that Palin's new TV show disqualifies her from being a credible candidate for President of the United States, here's a friendly reminder....

We'll deal with Rove and the rest of the "ruling class" later. We have an election to win.


BOSMAN said...

"I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Sarah, you're no Ronald Reagan"

Yes, Reagan was in TV and movies.

He was ALSO 69 years old when he became President

If you'd like to compare his resume to hers, Reagan's is HERE, Palin's is HERE.

Right Wingnut said...

"I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Sarah, you're no Ronald Reagan"

Sarah will have a prepared response for that.

Bill589 said...

Actually, this is evidence that a show is a prerequisite to becoming a great, common-sense, Constitutional conservative leader.

Nixon - no show. Ford - no show. Carter - no show. Reagan - *show*.
GHW - no show. Clinton - no show. GW - no show. Palin - *show*.

See the pattern?
Yep. She’s a great leader. I knew it.

Anonymous said...

Right Wingnut,

"Sarah will have a prepared response for that."

Left or right hand?

Right Wingnut said...

"Left or right hand?"

I don't know....but, if Romney tries Bosman's line, the words "Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush...I'm not trying to return to Reagan-Bush," will be stamped on his forehead.

Doug NYC GOP said...

TV, Movies, Show or not, Reagan wasn't a flash in the pan, plucked from obscurity and foisted on the nation. He toiled in the backwater of conservatism for years. As pointed out, he served TWO FULL tems as Governor, nothing to be discounted.

Palin can admire Reagan all she wants, but she needs to stop referencing him all the time. It just re-enforces the image she is nothing but a cliche-sloganista. Quoting Reagan won't make you Reagan or allow you to claim the mantle either.

Bill589 said...

Doug - Sarah’s been getting advice for two years now, especially when people think she’s doing something wrong. People that know her better, have learned to trust her instincts.

She'll be fine; don't worry about her.

Greg said...

It's funny how Rove praised 0bama's appearing on Jon Stewart's show, but doesn't think an 8 part travelogue touting the great state of Alaska is a good thing. Quite frankly, it is people like Rove who brought the gop to the point of ruin, and he's still working overtime to ruin it. What does he do when his candidate didn't win in Deleware, he essentially teamed up with the dems to defeat COD. He's been trying to cram either Jeb Bush or Romney down our throats since Nov 2008, and has decided to launch a diversionary campaign to make us take our eye off the ball in the closing days of the mid-terms. Instead of getting his butt out there and campaigning for good candidates, he's busy stabbing people in the back.

section9 said...

Well, no, Rove's been trying to cram Romney down our throats. If not him, then Mitch Daniels.

Jeb keeps his distance from Rove because of the way Rove f**ked up Florida in 2000. Jeb wouldn't touch Rove with a ten foot pole.

But yeah, Rove and Gillespie represent the Establishment and its losing, losing ways.

Michigan said...

Gov. Palin's new show is a brilliant move. I can't wait to watch it. People who have negative views of her barely know anything about her. This documentary will not only showcase how beautiful Alaska but also that Palin is normal, family oriented, and loves her country.

Rove is yesterday's news and he is not willing to understand the power of The People.

Boseman and Rove can continue to support politicos like Romney and if 2010 is any indication thus far, Americans will reject Romney and the likes of him.

we want a leader with common sense, guts, and experience to end the madness in Washington not flip flopping squishies.

BOSMAN said...

Michigan said...

"People who have negative views of her barely know anything about her."


Unless your Todd, that's the funniest thing I've read in awhile. Maybe what little many know about her, they don't like.

You know, like HALF-A-TERM as Governor. Palinese!(chop, chop of the english language) etc., etc.

Rove is stating, What all the non-Palin fans are thinking. All 75% of Americans.