Monday, October 25, 2010

Mitt Romney endorses Florida's Allen West for Congress

Today, Mitt Romney’s Free & Strong America PAC added Florida's Republican candidate for Congress Allen West to its list of 30 critical House races to watch (and donate to) in the coming midterm election.

If you haven't heard Allen West speak, you're in for a treat in this video:


Right Wingnut said...

Allen West is my favorite House candidate this year. He's in a dead heat with Klein. He needs as much help as he can get. I'm glad Mitt jumped on board.

FYI, Palin endorsed West back in March.

Right Wingnut said...

My favorite Allen West video.

Anonymous said...

I like Allen West. I'm glad Romney endorsed him.


Anonymous said...

Good choice Mitt.

Right Wingnut said...

I noticed Romney hasn't endorsed in AK. How 'bout it Mitt...will you stand with Joe?

BOSMAN said...

Romney doesn't need to endorse in AK. Palin & Huck have set things in motion up there already. It's theirs to win or LOSE!

Besides. Romney has more total endorsements than Palin and Huckabee combined. It's THEM who need to step up more, not Romney.

Right Wingnut said...


It shouldn't be about being on the winning or losing side in this case. It's about taking a stand....enough of the sore loser syndrome among the GOP establishment candidates.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bosman.

If Romney endorses Miller (and even goes there and campaigns for him) and Miller wins,The headlines will say, Oh, it was Palin's endorsement that caused the victory.

If Romney doesn't endorse him and Miller loses,The headlines will say, It was Miller's fault. It must have been that last minute scandal about him being let go at his last job, that done him in.

So as the saying goes, When you make your bed, you have to sleep in it.


Right Wingnut said...

Miller wasn't fired. From Ace of Spades:

"He tried to Freep an online poll, at work.

Drew says "let's not pretend this isn't a bad thing," but it's just not. Miller was an employee (part-time) and it was the employer's policy that computers not be used for political purposes. Okay -- he violated the employer's rules... but what he did can barely even be termed "for political processes." He went to four machines because they had different IPs and voted on them all to Freep a meaningless online poll.

This is what Murcszinski has her hopes pinned on?"

Bill589 said...

Some people I admire suggest West as Palin’s running mate. This is beyond my pay grade, but he sounds good to me.

BOSMAN said...


He's still fairly young. That might be a great ticket in 2020!