Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mitt Romney: A President in Waiting

The Boston Globe had a not so interesting article today that asked the question, "So What exactly is Mitt Romney's Job? Evan Republicans Are Unsure".

Maybe I can help shed some light on this. The author seemed a little perplexed in the writing of his explanation.

Mitt Romney is a successful Author, former Governor, Former CEO, and former Olympics rescuer. He has been successful enough in life to not have to worry about what people want to call him. At the present, he could probably be characterized as THE BEST VOLUNTEER the Republican Party has.

Since forming his Free And Strong America PAC after his unsuccessful bid for President in 2008, Romney has been working tirelessly to change Washington. Through his PAC, he has been able to endorse several hundred Republicans in federal, state, and local races across the country.

In addition to his PAC efforts, Romney has campaigned tirelessly for candidates. In many cases, putting in marathon efforts of campaign stooping and fund raising for specific candidates and various states GOP's. The following are examples of his efforts just In the past 30 days:

New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada
New York, California, Illinois
Connecticut, New Hampshire

The 2010 elections are less than 30 days away. Republicans will probably take back the House and possibly the Senate as well. Mitt Romney is physically out there trying to make sure this happens. Romney doesn't believe in letting the grass grow under his feet, as his non-stop efforts demonstrate.

2010 and taking back D.C.. is just the first step. Than, there's 2012!

I like to think of Mitt Romney as a PRESIDENT IN WAITING!


Martha said...


This is an excellent summation. Good job.

Nick said...

There is no doubt, that Romney is earning the Republican nomination in 2012. If he wants it, It's his.

Closer To Home said...

It is hard to measure the progress he is making in visible terms. It's like watching a submarine race. (Which we did a lot with girl friends on Puget Sound.) You don't know who wins until they surface. Needless to say, Mitt has built underground relationships and infrastructure that will be unmatched in 2012. Whether that is enough remains to be seen. But also count on him to have 2X the contributions of the next candidate. Add to that he is the dominant candidate for moderates and independents, especially outside the south.

Noelle said...

I am not aware of anyone in politics who is working harder in the service of his country than Mitt Romney. I sure hope he wins the presidency in 2012. He deserves it, and he'll be a great president.

BOSMAN said...

I'm glad that Mitt is so physically active out there, Unlike some. HaHaHaHa!!

This Saturday he was at the Bakersfield Business Conference with Palin and Gingrich. 14,000 people under one tent.

I'm hoping to get some videos on this shortly so check back.

Anonymous said...

I like the term you chose Bosman, 'President in waiting'. That he is. Hopefully for not much longer.


Revolution 2010 said...


You're right who ever wins the nomination better be able to win more moderate votes than the Democrats