Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alaskan reporters busted plotting Miller smears

Joe Miller caught several Alaskan reporters red-handed today. Apparently, one of the reporters either pocket-dialed a Miller staffer or forgot to hang up after leaving a voice mail. I've been following the media's attempts to smear Miller every step of the way. It will be interesting to see if the Anchorage Daily News reports this story.

From Joe Miller's campaign website:

Anchorage, Alaska. October 30, 2010 – In an apparent accidental voice mail message left on the cell phone of Joe Miller’s spokesperson, Randy DeSoto, what is believed to be the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discuss creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller. The voice mail message was later authenticated by Mr. McDermott, who sent a text to DeSoto stating “Damn iPhone … I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”


In the first discussion, the KTVA reporters discuss getting a list of Miller campaign supporters in order to ‘find’ a “child molester.” “You have to find that one person,” says the male reporter, to laughter in the news room. The reporters at KTVA then discuss creating a “Rand Paul” incident at the then upcoming Miller Rally (held on October 28, 2010) and hoping for violence so that they can “send out a tweet” and “Facebook” that “Miller got punched” at the rally.


FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you're the expert, but that’s what I would
do...I’d wait until you see who showed up because that indicates we already know
FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters...
MALE REPORTER: Oh yeah... can you repeat Joe Miller’s...uh... list of people, campaign
workers, which one's the molester?
FEMALE VOICE: We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of
them will be a registered sex offender.
MALE REPORTER: You have to find that one person...
FEMALE REPORTER: And the one thing we can do is ....we won’t know....we won’t know but
if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what
the... ‘Hey Joe Miller punched at rally.’
FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul...I like that.
FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one.


Bill589 said...

The MSM pisses me off sometimes. (Pardon my French.) We rely on the media in order for us to make informed decisions. I don’t know how, but I would love to hear a plan on getting the media to dig for and report the truth. That’s what we need - accurate information. Then, on the op/ed pages, they can spew all their pros and cons.

The Founders spoke of the importance of a free press holding the government accountable. I obviously don’t want a left leaning media, but I don’t want a right leaning media either. I love the op/ed pages, but the rest of the paper should be just the facts.

Right Wingnut said...

Palin will be on Fox News Sunday this morning. I hope this story comes up. Perhaps she gave Chris Wallace a heads up.

Right Wingnut said...

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