Wednesday, May 18, 2022

FBI Comes Calling, Terrifies Mom of Three Who Spoke Out at School Board Meeting; Republicans Say FBI Used Anti-Terror Tools to Target Outspoken Parents; House Republicans Say They've Uncovered a 'Smoking Gun' Relating to FBI's Investigations of Concerned Parents, and related stories

Ukraine Deploys New US Howitzers at Front Lines of War; Dramatic audio captures Russian warship’s final moments after Ukraine missile strike; Small wins buoy Ukraine; West says Russians losing momentum; Britain says Russia has lost a third of its forces in Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Imagine the Unimaginable

Gas Prices Hit New Record High, Analysts Say ‘get used’ to Paying More; Don’t Expect High Gas Prices to Decrease Anytime Soon; Gas Prices: ‘July and August are going to be Sizzling Months

Inflation Is Top Concern Among Americans As COVID Takes Last Place; Why can’t these loathsome elites just give up the masked charade? And other C-Virus related stories

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Biden’s Plan to Enable Everyone in the World to Apply for Asylum in the US: Understanding how the border catastrophe happened, and how much worse it will become; Poll: Voters Blame Biden for Border Woes

UK Says Degraded Russian Forces Are Unlikely to Make Progress in Donbas; Russian battalion wiped out in failed river crossing in eastern Ukraine; Satellite images show Russian ship trying to dodge Ukrainian missiles; Ukraine Launches Counteroffensive to Disrupt Russian Supply Lines, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Arizona Busing Migrants to D.C., Follows Texas’ Lead in Sending Border Woes to Biden’s Doorstep; Guess Who They Want To Pay For It?; Arizona Will Bill Biden for Cost of Busing Migrants to Washington D.C.

All Wars Are Endless Wars: The Future is Going to be a lot like the Past

TRUTH is Hard: White House falsely claims ‘no vaccine’ was available when Biden took office; Checking In on China’s Zero-Covid Policy, and other C-Virus related stories

Monday, May 16, 2022

Immigrant Groups Arriving by the Hundreds at US-Mexico Border; 1400 Migrants Apprehended in Nine Large Groups in Texas’ Busiest Border Sectors

Ukraine Launches Counteroffensive to Disrupt Russian Supply Lines; Russian forces retreat as Ukraine appears to win Battle of Kharkiv; Russians withdraw from around Kharkiv; Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘very ill’ with blood cancer: secret recording, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

ICE Leaving Thousands of Detention Beds Empty as Feds Beg for Help from Supreme Court; Border Crisis Driven by Biden’s Shift in DHS’s ‘Parole’ Release Policy

Joe Biden Is Letting Babies Go Hungry in America; Illegal Immigrants get ‘pallets’ of Scarce Baby Formula; White House Advises Parents Worried About Starving Babies to ‘Call Their Doctor’, and related stories

Biden Panned for Silence on COVID-19 Origins at Pandemic Summit; DIA: Intel suggests COVID virus was lab-engineered, and other C-Virus related stories