Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Texas Names Border Czar Who Wants to Make State ‘least desirable place for illegal immigration’; Abbott Appoints State Border Czar, Citing Biden’s Absence; “border czar” to Accelerate Wall Construction

U.S. Help for Ukrainians is Extremely Cheap, Considering What They're Accomplishing; Major RU Offensive Will End by April and Will Not Be Successful; Band of Barbers, Judges and Security Guards Uses Soviet-Era Guns to Repel Russian Drones; Along Ukraine-Belarus Border, a War of Nerves — and Drones, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Border Patrol Union: ‘China Watching Our Border More Closely than the Biden Administration’; Ted Cruz: Biden ‘Allowed a Full Week for the Chinese to Conduct Spying Operations over the United States’, and related stories

Anti-Socialism Resolution Puts House Democrats On the Spot; A US House Committee Resolution ‘Condemns Horrors of Socialism’; 86 House Democrats Vote Against Resolution Condemning Socialism

It's Official: Ugly People More Likely To Wear Masks - University Study; Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows 'Little To No Difference' In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection, and other C-Virus related stories

Monday, February 6, 2023

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You? ... Biden Begins New Year by Freeing over 550 Illegal Alien Criminals into US; Biden DHS Released 564 Criminal Illegals into U.S. in January 2023

2023 Can Be the year Ukraine Wins Against Russia: Here’s What to Watch; Russian Stormtroopers Tried to Break Through to Bakmut, Suffered Losses and Retreated; Russian Military Base Near Melitopol Destroyed; Ukrainian Forces Repel Attacks Near 10 Settlements, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Mayorkas Smuggled 100,000 Job-Seeking Migrants Through Parole Pathway; Joe Biden, Adam Schiff Parade in Populist Drag to Hide Cheap-Labor Migration Policies

Electric Vehicles More Expensive to Fuel than Gas-Powered Cars at End of 2022: Consulting Firm; It's Now Cheaper to Drive 100 Miles in a Gas-Powered Car Than in an EV

House Republicans Want To Use Unspent COVID Relief Funds In Debt Ceiling Package; COVID Stimulus Spending Played 'Sizable Role' in Inflation, and other C-Virus related stories

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Give Me Your Murderers, Your Rapists...DACA Illegal Alien, Freed by Sanctuary County, Sentenced to Life in Prison for Triple Murder; Three Illegal Aliens, Freed by Sanctuary State Colorado, Accused of Murdering 30-Year-Old Man, and related stories

Ukraine Hopes New Bombs From U.S. Will Help It Push Back Russia; Analysis: Ukraine's New Weapon will Force a Russian Shift; Netanyahu Would Consider Ukraine-Russia Mediator Role If Asked; Netanyahu Would Consider Sending Iron Dome to Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Bishop Blasts Biden's 'fake Catholicism' Following Latest Abortion Comments; Biden Invokes Pope Francis to Defend Taxpayer-Funded Abortion, and related stories

USA for sale: Biden is America’s Caligula; China Floats a Trial Balloon Over Montana: Somehow a weather balloon ended up near U.S. missile bases. Sure; Rep. Mary Miller on Chinese Spy Balloon: ‘National Security Must Not Be Compromised by Biden Family Payoffs’

'The Scandal Would Be Enormous': Pfizer Director Worried About Vax-Induced Menstrual Irregularities; Oops, a Study Says the New COVID Pill Is Actually Mutating the Virus, and other C-Virus related stories