Sunday, June 4, 2023

J1 – The Anniversary of the BLM Insurrection at the White House: Before there was J6, there was J1; Three Years Later, No Justice For BLM Insurrection In D.C.

Drones attack two RUssian oil refineries as UKRainian artillery again pounds border town; Southwestern outskirts of Bakhmut remain in UKR control; UKR's Defence Forces repel 16 RU assaults; Freedom of RU Legion is recruiting RUs to storm Moscow, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Asks to Suspend ‘Right to Shelter’ Rule, Citing Illegal Immigrant Influx; Judge Will Hear NYC Right to Shelter Case as Mayor Seeks Crisis Limits

Tuberville Blocking Promotion of Navy Captain Who Allowed Drag Shows Aboard USS Ronald Reagan; Tuberville on military promotions block: ‘They were warned’

Millions had Medicaid coverage tied to the pandemic. Now they stand to lose it; Dingell: Communities Are Worried Debt Bill Claws Back COVID Money They Thought They Had ‘Until 2024 to Spend’, and other C-Virus related stories

Saturday, June 3, 2023

White House Official: Biden’s Migration Is an Economic Strategy; Biden Uses Budget to Double-Down on Open-Border Policies; Biden’s open-border policy is unbiblical, historically stupid

Drones hit Moscow as Kyiv undergoes 3rd attack in 24 hours; 13 locations on map, pinpointing where drones hit in Moscow; Two oil refineries reportedly attacked by drones in RU; Report: explosions, smoke rising above Russian military base in Melitopel, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

House Republican trying to expel Schiff wants him to pay $16 million fine for collusion claims; Florida Rep. Anna Luna files motion to fine Schiff $16M for ‘Russiagate lies’

Supreme Court Rules: Governments Owed Taxes Can’t Seize More Than They Are Due; Supreme Court Sides With 94-Year-Old Woman Whose Home Equity Was Seized By County

China’s former top COVID official admits he can’t rule out lab leak theory; China Might Have 65 Million COVID Cases a Week by June. How Worried Should the World Be? - and other C-Virus related stories

Friday, June 2, 2023

Texas Governor Appoints John Scott as Interim Attorney General After Paxton Impeached; 6 Texas AG Employees Take Leave of Absence to Defend Ken Paxton at Impeachment Trial

UKRaine War Comes to Moscow as Drones Strike both Capitals; Drones Hit Residences in Moscow for First Time in UKR War; VIDEO: Drones Hit Residential Areas in Moscow; Patriot Air Defense System Defeats RUssia's Latest Missile Attack on Kyiv, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

New bill would force detained illegal immigrants to provide DNA, fingerprints for nationwide crime enforcement; AL Senate OKs bill to allow fingerprinting and DNA collection of undocumented immigrants

Poll: 63% Believe Trump-Russia Smear Was ‘Hit Job,’ Majority Want Involved FBI Officials Prosecuted; 59% of Americans Say FBI Officials Involved in Trump Collusion Probe Should Face Criminal Charges

Kate Middleton’s parents’ COVID loan: Why taxpayers may be forced to pay off; AOC’s office still touting pandemic social distancing guidelines, and other C-Virus related stories