Thursday, December 7, 2023

How the US, UN and Media Saved Hamas Nazis 30 Years Ago: Israel Expelled Hamas. The World Forced Israel to Take It Back

56 RUssian Attacks Repelled in 6 Sectors; 61 Combat Clashes at Front; RU Continues Infantry-Led Attacks, Suffers Heavy Losses in Maryinka, Avdiivka Sectors; UKR Destroys 18 Shahed UAVs, 1 missile. 770 Soldiers, 12 Artillery Systems, and 5 Tanks in 1day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Hunter Biden's Company Made Direct Payments To Joe Biden, Bombshell Records Show'; Hunter Biden Sent Direct Monthly Payments To Joe Biden From Bank Account For Chinese Money, Comer Reveals; Biden Got Recurring $1,380 Payment from Hunter’s Firm Starting in 2018

As Migration to Europe Rises, a Backlash Grows; Anti-Immigration Parties are Winning Elections and Surging in Polls

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Ex-White House Censorship Chief Rob Flaherty Over ‘constitutionally protected’ Expression; White House Worked with YouTube to Censor COVID-19 & Vaccine 'misinformation': House Judiciary Committee, and other C-Virus related stories

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Joe Biden Ignores Rising Inflow of Chinese Illegal Migrants; Growing Numbers of Chinese Migrants Are Crossing the Southern Border; Soaring Numbers of Chinese Nationals Arrested at US Southern Border as Communist Party Intensifies Oppression

88 Combat Clashes Take Place at Front Past 24hrs; UKRaine Repels 46 RUssian Attacks as Fighting Rages in Donbas; RU Forces Remain Stalled Around Bakhmut; RU Lost 7,200+ Troops, 530 Units of Military Equipment Past Week, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Migrant Surge Expands in Arizona Border Sector — 58K in 28 Days; 14,300 Illegal Border Crossing In Tucson Sector In One Week; Tucson Border Sector Leads Country in Migrant Apprehensions

Greene Yanks Second Vote On Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution; Marjorie Taylor Greene Delays Mayorkas Impeachment, Says She’s Been Promised Full Action Later

Massachusetts is 2nd State with Child Pneumonia Outbreak —as Questions Remain About Virus Sweeping China; GOP Senators Urge Biden to Restrict Travel Between US and China Amid Child Pneumonia Outbreak, and other C-Virus related stories

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

House Speaker Mike Johnson to Call Vote On Biden Impeachment Probe Amid ‘stonewalling’; Johnson Says Vote on Biden Impeachment Inquiry is 'necessary step' After WH 'stonewalled' GOP Investigations

Bakhmut Sector: UKRainian Forces Holding Offensive Defense, Attacking Enemy at 1st Opportunity; 54 RUssian Attacks Repelled in 5 Sectors; RU POWs Describe ‘Nightmare’ of Combat in Ukraine; November: Bloodiest and Costliest Month Yet for RU, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Bank Watchdog Warned Hunter Biden Got China Cash for ‘no services rendered’: 2018 Email ; Bank Investigator Flagged 'unusual' and 'erratic' Activity in Hunter Biden's Financial Transactions from China that Republicans Say Funded the $40,000 'loan repayment' Check to Joe

Court Rules Against Texas’ Floating Border Wall; Texas Must Remove Rio Grande Migrant Barrier, US Appeals Court Rules

GOP Lawmakers Who Defied Pelosi’s Mask Order Take Battle to Supreme Court: ‘What it has finally come to’; Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt Vows to ‘end COVID tyranny’ of CDC and NIH, and other C-Virus related stories