Tuesday, October 3, 2023

How Joe Biden’s Kin Profited Off the Family Name. ‘The Big Guy Is Calling Me.’; Biden’s Brother Frank Reportedly Called Him ‘the big guy’ When He Called; Hunter’s Boast That He Expected All This ‘stuff’ to Go Away When Dad was President was Wishful Thinking

UKRaine Shoots Down Dozens of RUssian Drones On Annexation Anniversary; UKR Lures Western Weapons Makers to Transform Defence Industry; First in World History - UKR Creates Fleet of Maritime Drones; UKR and RU Forces Clashed 44 Times Over Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Broken Barriers. Federal Forces Helping Migrants Cross. Charities' Millions Spent Bussing Them North. DailyMail.com Exposes the Damning TRUTH Behind Biden's Laughable Border Crisis Claims

Thousands of Mexican Migrants Hitch a Ride to US Border on Freight Train Known as ‘The Beast’; Migrants Hoping to Reach US Continue North Through Mexico by Train Amid Historic Migration Levels

‘Foreign Bodies’ Review: Migrant Microbes, Human Borders; COVID Lockdowns Altered Babies’ Microbiomes, and other C-Virus related stories

Monday, October 2, 2023

Republicans Plow Ahead with Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing as Dems Rage; House Republicans Outline Scope of Biden Impeachment Inquiry with 4 Key Questions

UKRainian Soldiers Heartened by Delivery of US Abrams Tanks; UKR Missile Forces Hit 13 Enemy Artillery Units and EW Station; RUssia Has Lost 90 Aircraft in Combat Since War Started; UKR SBU Drones successfully Target Substation Powering RU Military Facilities in RU's Kursk Oblast, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Musk Warns ‘some pretty extreme individuals’ Entering US During Trip to Southern Border; Musk Says Border Situation 'insane' After Visiting Eagle Pass, Texas; Musk Suggests a Trump-Style Wall Should be Built at the US-Mexico Border to Control Immigration

DHS Breaks Record with More than 300,000 Unauthorized Entries in August; Biden breaks border history with the highest EVER crossings in a month: Shocking figures reveal more than 300,000 migrants tried to get into the U.S. in August

Billions for Tests and Jabs Sure to Go to Waste: Federal COVID-iocy Marches On; New COVID Poll: Democrats have a ‘particularly negative’ Outlook, are Most Likely to Keep Wearing Masks, and other C-Virus related stories

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Schools Chancellor Says NYC Not Affected by Teacher Shortage — as More Migrants Continue to Enroll; Vaccines Among Migrant Children Spark Controversy in NY Public Schools

Drones Everywhere: How the Tech Revolution on UKRaine Battlefields is Reshaping Modern Warfare; UKR Forces Repel RUssian Attacks in 4 Directions; UKR Downs 30+ RU Drones; UKR Military Digs In Near Verbove After Seizing Back Territory from RUs, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Alleged Cartel Informer Brutally Assaults, Bites Border Patrol Agent in Texas; Pic Shows Brutalized Border Patrol Agent After Alleged Attack by Migrant With ‘RAT’ Scrawled on His Forehead

McCarthy Blasts Biden, Says He ‘destroyed’ Border, Demands House Briefing On ‘chaos’; Biden Knows He Is Using Illegal Immigrants To Hurt His Enemies

Don’t Believe the Feds’ Fearmongering about Long COVID; Risks of Long COVID have been ‘distorted’ Due to ‘flawed research’: Study, and other C-Virus related stories